Due to the smaller space of our venue, we have the following limitations: - 150 items per consignor number - 15 hanging maternity items - 15 hanging juniors items per gender - No household furniture

EARLY Barcode Label Pickup Option

We now have an EARLY BARCODE LABEL PICKUP OPTION allowing consignors to pick up their barcode labels the weekend before Pre-Sale, even before we move into the store! You'll be able to put the barcode labels on your items' stringtags in the comfort of your home! Your items will still be GUARANTEED if you bring them in "Inventory List Order" along with a printed inventory list and your empty sheets of barcode labels to one of our Consignor Check-In Days. This will speed up the time it takes to check your items into our store.

Continuing This Sale


We NOW only accept DVD Movies; we are no longer accepting VHS Movies.